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Insure Tattoo Longevity by Using the Healing Process

Insuring longevity for your tattoo is a great way to preserve the tattoo. The ink needs some tender loving and protection. Use the best tattoo aftercare products to give tattoo its best look. A higher longevity means you get a higher in everything. The tattoo you have will lose its vibrancy and design over time. You have to take care of it each year to make it last the longest, and prevent you from going back to the tattoo shop too soon. We have come up with new ways for you to make your tattoo last a long time. View them below.

The First Few Weeks, The Tattoo Aftercare

When you get to your house, take the bandage off fast. Take it off and wash your tattoo. Its not something you hear other people saying about a tattoo you just got. But, we say take the bandage off as soon as you get home. Your tattoo will be bleeding and smeared with blood. Wash it with the unscented soap. The unscented soap gets the cleaning done better. Do the washing with your hands because your hands our the best tool to do it. Using a rag would cause more problems. Please don’t.

The next step when you get home, apply some tattoo ointment or lotion to your tattoo. Not any lotion either. Only lotion that is designed for tattoo care. The ointment must contain bacitracin antibiotic. The bacitracin acts as a heal speeder and a skin protector for tattoos. Use this product every day. Put little of this each day after you wash you tattoo with soap first. Make sure you wash your tattoo again before you sleep. The suggested amount is wash with soap once too, but take the next step and wash twice. Use antibacterial soap to wash the tattoo or the best tattoo aftercare products you see at the store. Apply the ointment every day and the tattoo will look brand new.

Protecting Your Tattoo for the Next Years

Your tattoo will be with you for years, so you need to take care of it for years. Now, your tattoo is going to fade by itself. Its the way of humans that age. You can only slow down the process. We recommend, you avoid UV radiation to give your tattoo its best look 10 years from now. UV is sunlight if you are unaware. UV light burns tattoos and cause them to have patches in ink. You could use sunscreen to protect your tattoo from sunlight, but its not going to work all the time. Its even harder finding one that works. Keep the tattoo covered by some bandanna or jacket, and you will be able to have tattoo that looks new at night.

Tattoo Aftercare Products You Should Use

We will try our best to help you choose the best after care products for your tattoo. Right now, we know you can use antibacterial soap and unscented lotion to help you tattoo heal. When it comes to sunscreen, there is not really a market for tattoo sunscreen. You got to test out different sunscreens and figure out what works. Its the only way. There is a lot of tattoo aftercare products you can choose. We are sure you will find something unscented for you tattoo. But, you got to go look for it. Also, take into consideration that you skin type is different from you friends. Get different stuff and see what works for your specific tattoos.